We are delighted to announce that Carpathian Single Malt Whisky is a double master medal winner at the Global Luxury Masters 2023.

The competition was a good opportunity to mark another world premiere. One of the two master medals was awarded to Romania’s first single malt peated whisky, Carpathian Single Malt Whisky Peated Cask Strength, a revelation to the judges who described its tasting notes as follows: “barbecue smoke on the nose, roasted peaches, good richness and spice”.

Allan Anderson, Master Distiller Carpathian Single Malt Whisky said: “Carpathian Single Malt Whisky is going from strength to strength. The Peated Cask Strength expression will appeal to those entering the peated whisky category but also to fans of peated whisky. The malted barley is sourced from our partners in Belgium, smoked with the best Scottish peat imparting a phenol content of 35ppm which leaves a nice smoky flavour whilst retaining the sweetness that a good whisky deserves. The fact that the judges were impressed by its qualities and decided to rank it at the very top of the competition is a great success for Carpathian Single Malt Whisky and the Alexandrion Group.”

With its “pleasant body, with fruitcake and Tawny fruit notes”, Carpathian Single Malt Vradiano Cask Finish was awarded the second master medal.

Carpathian Single Malt Whisky was also the most awarded Single Malt Whisky at this year’s competition, collecting gold and silver medals as well.

Gold Medals were awarded to the following Carpathian Single Malt Whiskies:

🥇Carpathian Single Malt Whisky Madeira Cask Finish

🥇Carpathian Single Malt Whisky Burgundy Cask Finish

🥇Carpathian Single Malt Whisky Ruby Port Cask Finish

🥇Carpathian Single Malt Whiksy Fetească Neagră Cask Finish

🥇Carpathian Single Malt Whisky Cognac Finish

Silver Medals were awarded to the following Carpathian Single Malt Whiskies:

🥈Carpathian Single Malt Whisky Commandaria Cask Finish

🥈Carpathian Single Malt Whisky Amarone Cask Finish

The Global Spirits Masters is the world’s most highly regarded series of blind-tasting competitions. Launched in 2008, The Global Spirits Masters Competitions rate and reward excellence in spirits production, giving brands key differentiation in a crowded market. Judging is divided into category-specific competitions to ensure each entry is given the utmost attention by specialised judges. Hosted in partnership with The Spirits Business magazine, the results from each competition reach more than 50,000 international spirits professionals.

Enjoy responsibly!