The worldwide tour of Carpathian Single Malt began. On May 25th we organized the first event in Washington D.C., at the residence of H.E. Mr. Dan-Andrei Muraru, the Romanian Ambassador to the United States of America.

“I was delighted to support, on behalf of the Romanian Embassy to the USA, the unveiling of thefirst Romanian single malt whisky in Washington D.C. I am glad to see Romanian companies and groups of companies, such as Alexandrion Group, expanding outside Romania. I am sure that many whisky connoisseurs around the world, who will try Carpathian Single Malt, will be conquered by this unique taste.” said H.E.

Mr. Nawaf Salameh, Alexandrion Group’s Founding Chairman said: “The unveiling of the Carpathian Single Malt in Washington was a very special day for the Alexandrion Group. In July, Romania and the USA will mark 25 years of strategic partnership, and this was a perfect context to unveil our Carpathian Single Malt Whisky, a 100 percent Romanian product, in the country where we are building a very large distillery, but, at the same time on Romanian land, at the residence of H.E, the Romanian Ambassador to the USA.”