Pure Carpathian Water

Natural colour, non-chill filtration

Carpathian Single Malt

The first Romanian
Single Malt!

The Carpathian Mountains

The first Romanian Single Malt!

Carpathian Single Malt

Nestled deep within the Sub-Carpathian upland, along narrow paths hugging the riverbanks where immense, ancient forests meet the grass-green plains, a family has been quietly distilling and perfecting the art of maturation to craft the Carpathian Single Malt Whisky. 

Our malted barley is produced 100 % in Romania, together with the pure water of the Sub-Carpathian hills. Our single malt whisky is distilled using the traditional Scottish double distillation method, Kentucky bourbon barrels with final finishing in wine & cognac casks. All these characteristics give Carpathian Single Malt whisky an exceptional and unique character.

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Years of Experience

Master Distiller

Allan Anderson

"Our single malt whisky showcases its great potential and the clear quality advantage that it has versus other single malt whiskies of the same age, and we wanted to share our enthusiasm with whisky connoisseurs worldwide."

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